Juneau Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

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Juneau Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
Jeff Deaner, KL7JVD, President

Destiny Sargeant, KL4FQ Vice-President

Scott Novak, KL3JM, Treasurer

Ernie Mueller, KL2UH, Secretary

Rick Pearson, KL7PHB,  Board Member at

Bill Andre, NL3A, Past President

David Bruce, WL7BKA, Membership Chair

Jeff Deaner, KL7JVD,

Howard Shepard, AL7I, VHF Co-Chairs

The Juneau Amateur Radio Club meets at 7:00 P.M. the first Wednesday of each month at the National Weather Service Juneau Forecast Office, 8500 Mendenhall Loop Road in Juneau. There is also an informal lunch gathering meeting every Wednesday at noon in the dining area of the Juneau Safeway 3033 Vintage Boulevard.

The Juneau Amateur Radio Club has a fully equipped HF and VHF amateur radio station located in the Juneau Forecast Office. Club members wishing to operate this station must complete a briefing and comply with NWS visitor rules and JARC operating requirements. For further information email the Club or contact any Club officer.