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Club meetings are the first Wednesday of each month (except in summer). See home page for details 

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You Know You're a Ham if :

- you buy electrical black tape in ten packs. 
- you've stripped wire with your teeth. 
- you've told your son that, "One day, all this will be yours", and he doesn't respond. 
- you'd rather help a buddy put up a new tower than mow the lawn. 
- you've grabbed the wrong end of a soldering iron. 
- you start giving out RST reports when you are on the telephone. 
- the propagation forecast means far more to you than the local weather forecast. 
- the microphone or visual aids at a meeting don't work and you rush up to the front to fix it. 

- your watch is set only to UTC. 
- at night, when you pray, it starts off something like: CQ CQ CQ GOD DE (your callsign). 
- you ever had to patch your roof after an antenna project. 
- Ham radio magazines comprise more than 50% of your bathroom library. 
- you ever put a GPS tracker in the XYL's car, just so you could watch her on APRS. 

- you ever tapped out "HI" in Morse Code on your car horn to another ham. 
- you ever had an antenna fall down. 
- your teenager refuses to ride in your car because it looks like a porcupine. 
- you know the Latitude and Longitude of your home QTH. 
- you go into the local Radio Shack store and the clerk asks you where something is.