Juneau Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

Field Day
2017 JARC FIELD DAY SCHEDULE (subject to change)

FRIDAY 6/23/17:
3PM: Setup starts at Fire Training Center (Public Place for Bonus Points.) 
10’x16’ & 10’x15’ Canopy frames erected. May also have small shelter from Fire Training Center for information booth.
Portable tower (w/generator) moved to training center building. Beam and VHF/UHF antennas attached with cables. Tower raised. V-antenna raised and attached. Feed lines connected to transceivers in clean classroom for testing.
Radio station set up and rotator controller installed and tested. Digital station may also be set up. Operator schedule developed & Guest Log established.

SATURDAY 6/24/17:
8AM—10AM: Final setup for Field Day continues.
Welcome/Information Booth and banners set up near Fire Training Center gate.
Voice and digitals radio are tested and logging procedures reviewed.
Shelter cover is attached if rain threatens. New shelter cover can be installed Friday and legs added Saturday.
Gear set out for silent auction/swap meet if interest warrants.

10AM: Field Day operations begin and continue to 10AM Sunday.
 Need to document youth operators (18 and younger) and their QSO’s for 20 bonus points each, maximum 100.
10AM-Noon: Educational Event?
11AM-12PM: Picnic setup –Grill, tables, chairs, etc.
12-2PM: Picnic and 50/50 drawing
2PM: For sale & free equipment tables inside. Presentations/instructions continue
3PM: FCC Examination Session begins
3PM: Picnic area cleaned
5PM Silent Auction ends and buyers are announced

Field Day station continues to operate through the night

SUNDAY 6/25/17:
8AM-10AM: Field Day continues
Clean up starts
Canopy shelters are dismantled & banners stowed
10AM: Field Day ends. Antennas and station are dismantled and stowed
11AM: Final cleanup of area
Club’s portable tower is returned to storage area